Ocean, sand and sun kissed

Back home in India, this weekend there was a family function that everyone was attending, except me. Being so far from family is one thing that really gets to me. It is not just about the good laughs I miss, but not being near to them as quickly as I would like to, when they need me. That being said, I am very grateful for the life that I have been blessed with, the opportunities that I have been presented with and I am very humbled by it.For the long weekend, we had the chance to get away from the city life to live a few days at the beach. It was about 4 hrs drive for us, from where we lived. We checked into our hotel and went straight to the board walk. The weather had a mind of its own and was quite a rainy day, and hence the place was quite empty for a Saturday evening, so not that bad after all. We walked the stretch with sweet smell of funnel cakes and popcorn all around us. We noticed that there were many ice cream parlors, every other store was one. I guess everyone loves a nice cone of ice while walking at the boardwalk.The next day, we slept in longer and had the best weather we could hope for. The rains had cooled the city, making it very pleasant to walk around and explore. We did some shopping, walked along the shore with cool water kissing our feet along the way. We also went on a couple of rides, like dashing cars and a weird not very safe looking ride but had a lot of fun none the less.It was a perfect weekend and very grateful for it.

Outfit: I have always stressed on how imported a good pair of belt is. A chunky belt can elevate any outfit, making it look like you have put in an effort to elevate and take it to the next level. Here even though my top, skirt and belt is black and one tone the belt makes it look like am wearing a dress and also inches in my waist, giving me an hourglass figure. For accessories other than the belt, I have recently been loving the hooped earrings. We have seen the hooped earrings survive through generations of changing fashion and have still managed to stay and look chic.

Outfit details:

Top – Shein (Click here to buy)

Skirt – Banana Republic (Similar here)

Belt – Shein (Click here  to buy)

Earrings – Express (Click here to buy)

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