I want to be a bird and fly far and high, I want to be a fish and swim to distant lands, but on the end of the road silently waits a girl wishing to be everything I am… Am I grateful for everything I have or am I just another girl silently wishing to be someone else.

It is so important to be accepting and to be grateful for everything we are and have right now in our lives, we get so carried away wanting and being someone else that we don’t remember who we are anymore. We are also very hard on ourselves, we are our own worst critics, criticizing what we see as flaws, which in reality is something that makes us so beautiful in our own uniqueness. Let’s take a minute today and be thankful for everything we are and accept our every flaw, thought, and embrace our souls.

I chose to call this post Boho, short for Bohemian which means “a person who has informal and unconventional social habits, especially an artist or writer” because when I envisioned this dress the first time and how I would style it, free spirit is what came to mind, something I could be creative with. The outfit just flows and that’s that! I made this floral crown keeping the colors of this maxi dress in mind so that it balances the outfit.

New age brides could wear this outfit on their mehendi ceremony who are looking something different, with the floral crown, it’s so simple yet such a stand out and makes you feel beautiful inside out and comfortable to dance in it as well.

Let me just put it out there, I love me some Maxi dresses! they are something that could be dressed up or down and would be perfect for just any occasion. They are comfortable and classy and everything nice.

Hope you like the outfit as much I do



Maxi Dress – Lulus  (Click here)

Bracelet – Forever 21 (Sold out Similar here and here)

Earrings – H&M (Sold out)

Shoes – Nine West ( Similar here and here)

Floral crown – Hand made

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