Friendship is a gift to mankind, a family we choose. We accepting or being accepted by another human for what we are in all our entirety, no judgement and be ourselves is a form of love so pure. As we grow older and get busy with our lives, not that we forget them but not being there as much. So today pick the phone, and call up that friend you have been meaning to call for a while and let your heart loose with joys and reminisce the good old times.

Outfit – Its been cold around here! and as I have mentioned before, am not a huge fan of winter but saying that, I do appreciate winter for making me realize how much summer means to me. With winter it also means that we get to pull out our jackets and boots which am most excited about! Beige has the  warmth of the color brown and the crisp and coolness of the color white. I  love the color brown and it goes well with a lot of skin tones and also brings out the natural undertones.


Top – H&M (Similar HereHere and Here)

Skirt – Shein (Click Here)

Faux fur vest – Forever21 (Click Here)

Knee high boots – Forever21 (Similar Here)

Bag – Louis Vuitton Montaigne mm (Click Here)

Watch – Apple Watch (Click Here)

Accessories – Forever21 (Click Here)

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