Just stand by me.. If you want me in your life just stand by me..
Don’t make my decisions for me but just stand by me while I make them myself..
Don’t tell me who needs to be or not to be in my life .. I’ll make that choice on my own because honey it has already taken me way to long for me to choose me”

Always remember not to lose one self, everyone who willingly walks into your life gets to be in your life and not control it that power should always be in your hands.

One can never go wrong with neutrals and they never go out of style, it’s how you work with colors and how you make it work is very very important. I have kept it very simple and have used only 2 colors white and grey and they complement each other well.


Dress – Theory

Coat – Theory

Boots – Forever 21

Necklace – Flee Market Bangalore

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