I work at an international organization 9 to 5, 5 days a week; I interact with people from different parts of the world. I might not speak their language or may not be from the same cultural background, but one thing that is a common language is kindness, it could be as simple as a smile or a greeting, holding the door for someone, it does not take a lot to be kind.

Our constant aim in life is to always become a better person than who we were yesterday, with everything that is happening right now in the world, we need more love and kindness. Hate is not the solution, it has never been and never will be, but caring, kindness and love is.

There is 3 days until the New Year begins, and let our resolution this year be, to be a good human.

Outfit: With holiday season I absolutely had to wear a dress and the clichéd red lipstick! I had to. But what I worked into the outfit here is the jewelry; played by mixing a traditional Indian jewelry into a western outfit and absolutely in love with it.

If you have seen my other posts, it’s no secret am absolutely in love with the off shoulder trend. I have broad shoulders, and they work in such a way that it removes the focus from my shoulder and brings it to my neck making it look long and slender.


Dress – Lulu’s (Click Here)

Bag – Target (Similar Here and Here)

Watch – Michael Kors (Similar here)

Earrings – Mangalam (Bangalore, Gandhi Bazar)

Bangle – Tanishq (Click Here)

Anklet – Gift (Similar Here)

Shoes – Nine West

Lipstick – Mac Ruby Woo (Click Here)

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