The Grey Green effect

Growing up I had a very different approach to styling, I remember owning a pair of suede pants that I liked, but my friends absolutely hated it and begged me not to wear them! I also wore bell sleeved blouses that are so in trend right now, but 10 years back not so much. So how would I describe my style?

I am not completely feminine or too edgy in my style, but I do like to add a little to the outfit.
I do go rummaging in the men’s section and find a gem… this jacket is men’s, and now as you can see I have taken over it and love it!!
Personal style is something that constantly evolves and still has your essence and that is what makes your style yours. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, if that’s what you like and feel comfortable unless it’s you who wants a little change, stay you, stay beautiful.


If the word soft could be felt, it has to be this dress! It has the softest fabric that feels so light.
My love for thigh boots is no secret and this jacket is that “pop” that completes this look.

Outfit Details:

Dress: Lulu’s
Jacket: Forever 21 men’s
Boots: Forever 21 Similar Here
Ear cuff: Forever 21 Similar Here

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